The theme of PHOTEX 2018 is EYES

Don’t turn a blind eye, go eyes out and may your submission be an eye-opener!
Interpret Eyes in any way you like, be it literally, metaphorically, compositionally, technically, socially, linguistically, etc.
Whatever makes sense to you and helps you create your pictures is welcome! Other submissions are welcome, too.
Due to the removal to the new building we do not know yet when and where we can hang the photos.
We will inform you about how to submit and details about the actual exhibition (when, where) in due time.
Preliminary Submission Guidelines
Participation is open for all Amicale members and family.
• Max. 3 in print to be hanged in the exhibition.
• Size for prints (incl. frame): max. 1m for longer side*.
• Prints or frames should include a sturdy hanging means.
* No exceptions, don’t ask. 😉